Principles And Suppliers


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P-Series Glycols
Propylene Glycol | Dipropylene Glycol | Tripropylene Glycol  

P-Series Glycol Ether  & Glycol Ether Acetate Solvents
Glyco Ether PM | Glyco Ether PNP | Glyco Ether PTB | Glyco Ether PNB | Glyco Ether DPM
Glyco Ether DPNP | Glyco Ether TPM | Glyco Ether PMA | Glyco Ether DPMA | 

E-Series Glycol Ether  & Glycol Ether Acetate Solvents
Butyl Cellosolve | Butyl Carbitol | Butyl Carbitol Acetate 
E-series Ether , EM,EE,EP,EB,EH,EEH,DM,DE,DP,DB,DH
E-series Acetate, EMA,EEA,EBA,DEA,DBA

Other Solvents
Tetrahydrofuran | N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone | Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether
Tertiary-Butyl Alcohol | Gamma-Butyrolactone |


Converting Technologies & Accessories (S) Pet Ltd


Vision: A boutique customizer and technically focused supplier of specialised adhesives, coatings and equipment consultancy serving various packaging markets through the paper, film and foil converting Industry.

Adhesives & coatings for standard applications.
Adhesives & coatings for specialized applications.
Lab/Technical Support
• Bond strength testing
• Trial lamination
• Surface tension testing
• Solvent retention testing
• Machine & system audit
• Heat seal strengths
• Substrate testing
• Coating weight checks
• Retort evaluations
• Competitor analysis

Trouble Shooting
Information on overseas developments/update

Audit program

Shiny Chemical Industrial Co. Ltd (Taiwan)


N-propyl Acetate | N-propyl Alcohol | Iso-Butyl Alcohol | N-Butyl Alcohol
Iso-Butyl Acetate | Acetone | Ethylene Glycol | Dimethyl Sulfoxide
Monoethanolamine | Formaldehyde Resin


UNID Global Corporation

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TDI 80/20 | Fumed Silicas | Hydrogen Peroxide


Jungbunzlauer (Germany)

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None phthalate based plasticizer
Citrofol AI | Citrofol AII | Citrofol BI | Citrofol BII


Collano Ebnother AG(Switzerland)

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Homopolymers | Copolymers | Terpolymers | Acrylics


Yangtze Optical Fibre & Cable Ltd (China)

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Matched Cladding Single-mode Fibre | Dispersion Shifted Single-mode Fibre
FullBard Low-water peak Single-mode Fibre | EasyBand Bending Insentive Fibre
Positive Dispersion Shifted Singlemode Fibre |
Large Effective Area Positive Dispersion Shifted Single-mode Fibre
Hiband Fibre | MaxBand Fibre | Dispersion Compensated Fibre
Dispersion Flattened Fibre | Large Core high NA Multimode Optical Fibre
Large Coating Diameter Single Optical Fibre | Panda Polarization Maintaining Fibre


DSM Desotech (USA)

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ABS Polymers | UV Resins | Acrylamide | Acrylic fibre
Cablelite UV Inks and Matrix materials
Bufferlite UV Curable Tight Buffer Materials | Desolite UV Curable Materials



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Diacetone Alcohol



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Potassium hydroxide flakes


Jiahua Chemicals Inc.


Triisopropanolamine | Polyether polyol


Shandong Dawn Titanium Industry Co. Ltd.


Titanium Dioxide


Lomon Billions Global HQ


Product : Titanium Dioxide